Infantry Boys Battlion & Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion

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Infantry Boys Battalion & Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion
Brief history of thoses who served at:
Tuxford - Plymouth - Oswestry - Shorncliffe

 Tuxford and Plymouth

In 1952 the Infantry Boys Battalion was formed allowing boys of 14 years of age to join the army. These boys started 2 years training to become the Warrant Officers of the future.

Over the years Infantry Boys Battalion were at Tuxford and Plymouth till 1958 then they moved to the Town of Oswestry. During this time there name was changed by law to Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion, Oswestry was to become there home for many years. (1958-1974) 

If you were at the Infantry Boys Battalion during those years and want to meet up with old friends again please click on the picture links  




In 1958 the Infantry Boys Battalion had moved to the town Oswestry and the name Infantry Boys Battalion was changed by an act of government to the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion.

Young Boys entering the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion now became the long time provider for the Infantry Regiments of the Line and the Foot Guards.

These professionally trained young men would become the Warrant Officers of tomorrow and many would go on to be Officers.

Over the years this became the main stay of Professionally Trained young men into the Infantry Regiments of the Line and Foot Guards 

In 1967 they opened a second Unit called the Junior Infantrymans Battalion in Shorncliffe Kent.

If you were in the IJLB at Oswestry please use the picture links to find old friends   

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In 1967 at Shorncliffe a second unit was opened called Junior infantrymans Battalion while Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion at Oswestry were about to colse in 1970.

The amount of bright young boys joining Boy Service, meant the IJLB at Oswestry remained opened and the government had two vital sources to provide the Infantry Regiments of the Line and the Foot Guards.

During the years from 1967 to 1971 there were more adult soldiers leaving the Army than they recruiting, but young boy recruitment meeting the required entry standard was at a peak, giving the Army a unique professionally trained soldier.   

In 1974 IJLB at Oswestry finally colsed. 

IJLB moved Shorncliffe bringing with them the name of Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion and sad day in the history of Oswestry which was the birth place of the Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion.

The Government decided to change the Law, moving the school leaving age from 15 to 16 years of age and then saw no need for the Junior Leaders Battalions.

The Infantry Junior Leaders Battalion colsed in 1992, marks a great loss to he Army along with all other Junior Leader Battalions that provided technical skills to the Army and to Industy.

Even years later, there have been several calls in Government to re-estabish the Junior Leader Battalions which is possible, but the Army still bares the of burden of the lost of there professional skills.

So if you were at Shorncliffe please click on the picture links and meet up with friends again.