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The Pride of Mona Lodge No.3912 was  formed on the 14th November 1921 and is 95 years old this year. 

We meet every Wednesday at 8.30pm in the Bridge Inn Laxey

Its name means Pride of the Isle of Man (Mona)

It is the oldest Buffalo lodge in the Isle of Man.

The lodge is a part of seven minor lodges on the island.

Which are in Douglas, Ramsey, Castletown and Laxey.

Buffalo lodges were in existence on the island from the 1800's at that time they were under the Liverpool Province.

Later on, they became their own Province which is called the Isle of Man Province.

We have a senior body that governs the minor lodges which is called the Provincial Grand Lodge.

Then we have another senior body that governs the Provincial Grand Lodges called Grand Lodge of England.


The History or Story of what buffaloes do

The Royal Antediluvian Order Bufflaloes: was formed many many years ago they are made up from all walks of life, they believe in Justice, Truth, and Philanthropy. We work hard to help others in many charitable ways, sometimes we do not often advertise our work .

The Royal Antediluvian Order is a family based Order.

Fraternal Greetings to all, from the members of the Pride of Mona Lodge.



The Glades: are the womens version of the buffaloes as there are no women in the buffalo order they have there own and at present they all meet Ramsey and work hard along side the the buffaloes in their work. 


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